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PBF was founded in 2007 on the values of INTEGRITY, RESPECT, REPUTATION, COMMUNICATION and OWNERSHIP. Twelve years later we are still very passionate about the same values.


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Six tips for a cosy winter home


So the air is getting slightly colder and day light saving is over, as we drawer the curtains earlier each night its time to change out a few things to make our home more cosy for WINTER, always remember thought make sure you LIVE YOUR STYLE
Add a throw to your sofa or chair

  1. Change out the summer scatter cushions on your sofa for some textured, more moody colours with a sense of luxury
  2. If you don’t have a rug down for summer it would be perfect for winter, laying on the floor in front of the fire and softer under foot
  3. Introduce candles on your coffee tables, entrance way too
  4. Some fairy lights curled up in hurricane lamps are a lovely new addition to any styling
  1. Lamps & lighting, lamps on side tables are brilliant for mood lighting, whether your having a wine with friends or watching TV, background lighting is so much nicer than strong lights overhead, with any living space make sure all your lights are on dimmers this truly helps.

This article was provided by Julie Rees from Sojo design, you can check out more from here at http://www.sojodesign.co.nz/

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