About PBF

PBF was founded in 2007 on the values of INTEGRITY, RESPECT, REPUTATION, COMMUNICATION and OWNERSHIP. Twelve years later we are still very passionate about the same values.


Our Services Include:


  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Roof Painting
  • Building Repairs
  • House Washing
  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Projects

Exterior House Painting

Premature paint failure results in cracking, bubbling or peeling of paint on your home. No matter who has applied the paint this is the last thing you need on your house. The average New Zealand exterior...

Homeowners and property managers would know that maintenance of the roof is just as important as any other part of a building. Painting the roof not only keeps the whole building in good condition, but...

We recently had the honour of re-painting one the oldest homes in Remuera. Mainston Mansion was built in 1853 by the then soon to be superintendent of Auckland Mr Robert Graham. Mr Graham was born in Glasgow...